BellaMoon Luxury Cotton Swaddle Blanket

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  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Soft to touch yet have enough stretch for the movement of tiny hands and feet
  • Comes in four gorgeous prints
  • Swaddling soothes and calms a fussy, crying baby and encourages lovely long sleep

With the warmth of a hug, wrap your baby up in highly original Irish-designed swaddle blankets. Each blanket has been created to tell a mythical story which can be whispered to your little ones - from fairies to starlings, mythical creatures and angelic tales, immerse yourself in your imagination as you nurse your baby into fairy land.

Uniquely designed to match other BellaMoon core products each cotton swaddle blanket is reversible to wrap snugly around your baby in the colour of your choice. Made from 100% cotton, they are soft to touch yet have enough stretch for the movement of tiny hands and feet. Generously sized at 90cm x 90cm these luxurious swaddles will grow with your baby, achieving a soothing, stay-put swaddle as they dream of a magical land of make-believe.


Why BellaMoon Cotton Swaddles?

The Perfect Gift

Bellamoon cotton blankets don't have to be used just for swaddling. They are the perfect size and weight to be used in the crib or pram simply draped over baby, meaning every mama can get so much use out of this stunning and practical accessory. It comes in four gorgeous prints with something for everyone.


Better Sleep, Less Crying

One of the best 'Mother's hacks' the world over, the age old practise of swaddling. Instantly soothes and calms a fussy, crying baby and encourages lovely long sleep. These extra cosy but breathable cotton swaddles might just become your most valued baby item. Generously sized and designed to stay put, this luxiourious blanket will keep your little one cosy all night.


Safe Swaddling

Swaddling is perfectly safe as long as you follow safe sleeping and safe and hip friendly swaddling guidance for babies. Current baby sleeping advice is to always lay your little one down to sleep on their back and avoid front or side positions for sleep, especially if your baby is swaddled. You should stop swaddling your baby when they show the first signs of rolling over.

For independent advice on how to safely swaddle you baby, visit the NCT website to read the seven safe and hip friendly swaddling tips.


How to swaddle

The traditional swaddling method is as follows:

  • Spread the swaddle out flat, with one corner (the top) folded down (inwards)
  • Lay the baby face-up on the blanket, with their head above the folded corner.
  • Straighten the left arm, and wrap the left corner of the blanket over the body, tucking the blanket between the right arm and the right side of the body.
  • Then tuck the right arm down and bring the bottom corner of the blanket up and over the body/right arm pulling the blanket snug behind the right side of the body.
  • Finally, wrap the right corner of the blanket over your baby's body, until only a small bit of the blanket remains.Tuck any remaining blanket fabric behind the back. 

The trick is to roll your baby gently from side to side as you tuck the blanket over and underneath their back. Make sure not to wrap your baby too tightly, allowing her hips to move somewhat freely. You should also never swaddle above the shoulders.

Pam Diamond's Baby Burrito traditional swaddle method

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