BIBS COUTURE dummies 2-pack

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  • Reccomended for ages 0-36 months
  • The anatomically shaped nipple mimics the mother's nipple
  • The nipple shape gives the least pressure on jaw, gums and teeth
  • Lightweight shield leaves the nose free and ensures easy breathing
  • BPA, PVC and phthalates free
The newest member of the BIBS family! 
New anatomical pacifier with a beautiful butterfly design. The nipple mimics the mothers breast while breastfeeding. Fitting baby's mouth perfectly to reduce pressure on teeth and jaw. The smaller and light weighted shield has big airholes to ensure optimal air circulation around the mouth area.

BIBS COUTURE is the newest pacifier in the BIBS family, which perfectly completes the modern pacifier assortment with an anatomically shaped nipple of highest quality in a premium stylished design. The anatomically shaped nipple mimics the mother's nipple while breastfeeding, fitting the roof of baby’s mouth perfectly. This nipple shape gives the least pressure on jaw, gums and teeth, recommended for children from 0-36 months. The shape of the lightweight shield leaves the nose free and ensures easy breathing, in a cute butterfly design. The pacifiers are all made of highest quality and are completely free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. The beautiful lightweight shield has round and soft edges, that allows the pacifier to sit comfortably on the baby’s face. The air holes in the shield leaves the nose free and ensures that there is a good airflow around the mouth, where the child’s skin is the most sensitive. The shield is made of Polypropylene (PP) which is a light and durable plastic material.
The nipple is curved at the top for natural fit to palate, with an angled tip for proper tongue placement. The thin neck allows the mouth to close easily, and reduces pressure on jaw, gums and teeth.


When cleaning the pacifier, just follow these four simple steps:

1) Put the pacifiers in a clean bowl
2) Pour them with boiling water
3) Let the pacifiers soak for approx. 5 min.
4) Pick them up and let them dry

The vast majority of pacifiers are with valve. If the nipple has a valve, be sure to squeeze excess water out of the seat part when the nipple is sufficiently cooled.

TIP: When the child is over 3 months old, you can also rinse the pacifier by placing them in a sieve and pouring them with boiling water. This method is partly faster and partly avoids water collecting inside the seat part.

Caution! DO NOT COOK. Dummies are not meant to be boiled and are therefore destroyed by the high heat. Instead, follow the instructions above, and you are sure to kill the bacteria without compromising the durability of the pacifier.



Do always inspect the product carefully before each use. Especially when the baby has teeth. Pull the pacifier in all directions. Discard it at the first sign of damage or weakness. Only use dedicated pacifier holders tested to EN 12586. Never attach other ribbons or cords to a pacifier, your baby may be strangled by them. The pacifier is not allowed to be stored in direct sunlight.

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