Cookie Policy

What is a cookie and what does it do?


A cookie is a small file that a website sends to the browser and saves on your computer when you visit a webpage like and others alike. Cookies are used to run a website or improve its performance and also to generate information for the site owners to better serve the users of the site.


What type of cookies does use and why?


Our website uses diferent types of cookies and smililar tools, each of which has a specific function, as outlined below:




Session cookies


These cookies help the website to function properly and allow you to view content in your language and for your market from the first time you visit the site. They recognize the country you have logged on from so that every time you visit the website, you will automatically be directed to the correct verison of the website. They also allow you to create an acoount, log in and manage your orders. If you are a registered user, the website uses cookies to recognize you when you click the services available to registered users. These cookies will recognize if you purchase something from the website via an affiliate or partner website, allowing us to fulfill our obligations towards these parter websites. These cookies are essential to the operation of the website.


Functional Cookies


These cookies allow the website to recognize you depending on the request you make (by clicking ’’Remember me’’ for example) each time you visit the website, so that you don’t have to enter your login details every time you visit. If you add something to you shopping bag and end the sessioon without completing the purchase and without emptying your basket, these cookies let you continue shopping when you return to the website the next time (within a given time period), presenting your Shopping Bag the same way you left it. These cookies are not essential for the operation of the website, however they improve the browsing experience and quality.


Analytic Cookies


These cookies are used, for instance, by Google Analytics to generate statistics on browser behaviour – the number of pages visited, clicks made, actions taken while browsing the website, etc. Beebitare handles this information anonymously and solely for statistical purposes, only if the service provider uses cookies when connecting to the browser installed on the computer or on other devices used to browse our website.


Third-party Cookies for marketing & retargeting


These cookies are used by trusted thrid-party companies and allow you to view adverstising banners on other affiliated websites, showing you the most recent prodcuts you have viewed on While you browse our website, these cookies are used to show you products that may interest you or similar items viewed previously based on you broswer chronology. The use of these cookies does not normally require the processing of your personal details, although it may allow connection to your device and the tracking of saved data: these cookies connect to the broswer installed on your device.


How do I disable cookies?


Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) are configured to accept cookies. Nevertheless, in most browsers you can check and potentially disable cookies by changing your settings. Remember that disabling session or functional cookies can impair your experience of the website and/or limit the services we offer. For more information about cookies and how to manage or disable those of third parties or marketing/retargeting ones, go to

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